Firefighter Physical Ability Test

The physical ability test only assesses on aspect of the abilities to perform the duties of a firefighter.  Passing or even achieving the maximum does not guarantee success in the recruit academy.

Aerobic Bicycle or Treadmill Test

Allometrically scaled aerobic assessment to determine a subject’s cardiorespiratory fitness.


Start with hands shoulder width apart with palms toward face, arms fully extended and feet off of the ground.  Raise body until chin is completely over the bar without swinging, kicking or lower body action.

Upright Row (50 lbs.)

Standing erect, with the feet shoulder width apart, arms straight and holding bar.  Lift the bar above the height of the sternum with elbows higher than your wrists, and return to the starting position.

Squats (120 lbs.)

Subject stands erect with the bar resting comfortably on the shoulders and the feet shoulder width apart.  Subject lowers the body until the upper thigh is parallel to the floor, and returns to the standing position.

Shoulder Press (50 lbs.)

Sitting upright, subject grips a bar at shoulder width and lifts the weight from the level of the shoulders to a completely locked position overhead, and returns to the starting position.

Lateral Pulldown (110 lbs.)

Sitting upright, subject grasps the bar with a pronated grip, (palms away), with the hands together.  The subject  pulls the weight from a completely extended position to the level of the Adam’s apple and returns to the starting position.

*Candidate must completer each individual item with a score of 60 points or higher, and average 70 points or higher across all six scored components.

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