Flexibility Assessment

All major joints elicit movement with respect to adjacent body segments.  This movement, referred to as range of motion, is angular or rotational and can be measured accurately and reliably.  The Leighton’s Flexometer is a gravity type goiniometer, which can record these joint movements through 360 degrees.  A dampening devise can minimize movement oscillations, and can be locked in place at the conclusion of the trial.  Correlation coefficients between first and second measurements for 27 selected tests ranged from .913 to .996.  Statistical examination using the T-Test showed significance at the p= 0.05 level.

Leighton Flexometers

Factors Associated with measuring flexibility include the sex and if they had previously warmed up.  For this reason standards have been devised for men and women not allowing any warm up activity prior to testing.  Age and muscle size are not considered dominant factors in flexibility as the subjects activity performance.

Flexibility Measurements Performed:

Flexibility measurements and flexibility standards using the protocols outlined by Leighton (1955), that can be performed at the Exercise Science Center include:

Standards have been provided by Jack Leighton, and have been converted into a Grade Point Average (GPA) presentation format.  Classification would equate to Poor = 0.00, Fair, 1.00, Average = 2.00, High = 3.00, Excellent = 4.00.  A number of investigators have used the Leighton’s Flexometer to derive standards for various athletic and non-athletic populations.  Direct comparisons can be drawn for the following athletic populations:

Swimmers                                    Baseball Players                                    Wrestlers

Basketball Players                        Field Athletes                                    Soccer Players

Weightlifters                                    Gymnasts                                    Football Players

Firefighters                                    Police Officers                                Fastpitch Softball

Other techniques used at the Exercise Science Center for the measurement of flexibility include various field tests, the use of a sit and reach, and modified sit and reach incorporating a Sit and Reach Box, the use of a Goniometers, Flexmaster Stretching Machine, and the Ariel Dynamics Video Analysis System for the measurement of flexibility and range of motion.  Flexibility measurements included in a standard fitness evaluation include:

* Optional skeletal measurements can be performed and based on the procedures outlined by Leighton Flexometer Reference Manual by Jack Leighton, 1955.

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